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Over the past year, the pandemic has affected all Malaysian especially to those who has lost their jobs. The recovery strategy outlined by the 6Rs (Resolve, Resilience, Restart, Recovery, Revitalise and Reform), business has been revitalised thus creating job opportunities.

As such, the Government has been helping to boost jobs to kickstart and revitalize the economy for the future. All in all, the government hopes to create 500,000 employment opportunities through the National Employment Council (NEC), with the milestones tracked closely by LAKSANA, the coordinating agency which monitors the government’s efforts to stimulate the economy post COVID-19.


PenjanaKerjaya was announced under the National Economic Recovery Plan in June 2020 with its RM2 billion investment is expected to provide some 250,000 employment opportunities in 2021. The objective is to promote the creation of quality jobs and reduce unemployment among locals.

Employers are given an additional incentive of 60% to encourage job opportunities for people with disabilities, those who have been unemployed and workers who have been retrenched. Furthermore, employers are given access to training courses worth up to RM7,000 as well as mobility assistance between RM500-RM1,000 depending on distance of home to workplace.

Reskilling and Upskilling (Program Peningkatan Kemahiran dan Latihan Semula)

RM1 billion has been allocated to benefit 200,000 beneficiaries to improve their skillset to be marketable to help prepare facing the challenges of the job market post pandemic.

RM150 million will be allocated for the Ministry of Higher Education professional certification (KPT-PACE) that will benefit 50,000 new graduates. The graduates will be offered vouchers worth RM3,000 each to pursue a professional certification course at public and private universities.

An allocation of RM100 million to the Human Resources Development Fund (HDRF) to implement training in collaboration with private sector employers while another RM100 million was also given to MDEC to facilitate the talent transfer of the existing workforce to meet the needs of the growing ICT industry.

Another RM100 million will be allocated to Iskandar Development Region Authority (IRDA) and Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (SEDIA) to equip new skills to help jobseekers who suffered severely due to the pandemic

Perbadanan Hal Ehwal Bekas Angkatan Tentera (PERHEBAT) will be getting RM30 million for the training programs for ex-servicemen of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Short-Term Employment Programme (MySTEP)

As announced in the 2021 Budget, MySTEP is a RM700 million initiative creating 50,000 contract job opportunities in various public agencies as well as government-linked companies (GLC). A total of 35,000 job opportunities are provided in the public sector, meanwhile 15,000 job opportunities are also provided at GLCs as well as their strategic partners.

Interested applicants should be on the lookout for job related postings at Akademiga.com; Mykerjaya.com; and Graduan.com.

MyFutureJobs Portal

MyFutureJobs is the nation’s employment portal under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resources and SOCSO. The portal is an interactive and integrated platform that guides employers’ step by step to screen candidates to ensure that Malaysians are given employment opportunities. Applications for foreign workers or expatriates will only be considered if there are no Malaysians interested in the positions.

Job seekers can look for a wide range of job vacancies stemming from various sectors. Approximately 67.3% of job vacancies on the platform are within the RM2,000 to RM2,499 range making it a perfect job-hunting avenue for amongst fresh graduates and those with below 3 years of job experience.

For more info: Myfuturejobs.gov.my

HRDF Placement Centre (HPC)

Human Resources Development Fund Placement Centre (HPC) aims to provide more than 50,000 jobs for Malaysians this year to address unemployment challenges in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The portal is to assist in matching employers from wide range of industries and sectors to the right candidates.

Close to 20,000 job opportunities can be accessed via the portal through strategic cooperation with employee associations and career strategic partners. To reach the 50,000 job placements target, HPC will conduct road shows around the country to secure more openings by establishing more cooperation.

Interested? Visit: https://hpc.hrdf.com.my

With all these measures kicking in, we can expect to see unemployment soon coming down and the country returning to its pre-pandemic economic levels. Here’s hoping 2021 will be a slow yet gradual promising year for all of us.

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