Lost your job? Fret not, there is a way!

There are numerous stories circulating on media platforms from the community; and due to the pandemic, most of them are bitter, representing the tough experiences in overcoming the challenges that COVID-19 has wrought on all of us.

“Who can I turn to for help?”— this is the persistent thought that rings in the minds of those caught in this crisis, seeing neither a way out nor a path forward. Many are at a dead end in the struggle to survive with nowhere else to turn to for assistance.

The gravity and stress of things falling apart will feel like falling dominoes when one’s job is lost, and when finding a new one is not as easy these days but commitments cannot be ignored and life MUST go on.

Here is an inspiring story of someone who managed to pick herself up. Zeti Haiza Zakaria was on a desperate search to find a window of opportunity, after her Travel Agency had to be shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Zeti had lost her livelihood, the strong-willed lady was determined to adapt to new business norms and take advantage of current demands. What was Zeti’s next step?

Armed with her existing skills and experience, Zeti attended a short-term course by the GLOW PENJANA programme in 2020. Back then, the gig economy began growing rapidly, and services offered online garnered an increasingly encouraging response during the pandemic. This was Zeti’s window of opportunity!

Like Zeti, you too can generate an income through freelancing and crowd-sourcing platforms on a full- or part-time basis. The PENJANA Global Online Workforce (GLOW) Programme is an initiative by the Government in collaboration with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to equip participants with skills and know-how to become successful digital freelancers. The programme has trained thousands of Malaysians to secure and carry out freelance jobs via digital platforms. What’s more, these courses are free!

Interested and curious to try? The latest programme is the GLOW PEMULIH Programme. It is suitable for unemployed graduates, retrenched workers and employees who have experienced pay cuts above 50 percent. If you are curious about making money through the digital business and gig economy, don’t wait! Go and visit https://mdec.my/glowmalaysia.

So, do not give up! Go ahead and join the 196,471 employees who have signed up. This opportunity is yours for the taking. Sign up now!

In this era of digitalisation, there are also many other digital measures such as go-ecommerce, Janaprenuer and many more in Budget 2021. Visit www.belanjawan2021.treasury.gov.my for further information.

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