Protecting The Vulnerable Is Protecting Us All

JKM Monthly Assistance

The Social Welfare Department (JKM) Monthly Assistance is an initiative that has been improved under Budget 2021, in line with the current needs of vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly in facing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Recipients registered with JKM will receive cash assistance on a monthly basis, which will be credited directly into the registered bank account.

We are facing an unprecedented twin health and economic crises. A deadly new virus emerged, quickly made its silent way across the globe and before we knew it, turned our pandemic management experience on its head and changed the way we live, work and socialise. The lockdown has impacted every single human being in different ways, but those categorised as vulnerable run a much higher risk of losing so much more, if not everything, to COVID-19. The lockdown has impacted every single human being in different ways, but those categorized as vulnerable run a much higher risk of losing so much more, if not everything, to COVID-19.

It is every Government’s responsibility to take care of its people and ensure nobody is left behind. The welfare of the nation’s vulnerable groups has always been a priority, more so during this pandemic. Hence, the 2021 Budget’s second strategy to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable groups by increasing the monthly financial assistance was timely. Beneficiaries include the disabled, senior citizens, children from poor families and even caregivers of the disabled.

For the four identified groups, Budget 2021 increased their monthly aid as below:

V. Murugeswaran, president of Damai Disabled Person Association Malaysia affirmed that the MCO and COVID-19 pandemic had caused many people with disabilities to lose their source of income. Thus, the increase in allowance has been very much appreciated.

Tailor Fuad Sanoesi, who has been receiving a RM450 monthly allowance, for example, said the amount has helped him cope with the rising cost of living.

“I welcome any amount as it will help me financially. There is an additional RM50 and that is good enough to cover my expenses,” said the 55-year-old, who is wheelchair-bound

Source: New Straits Times

For the disabled and vulnerable, this increases in monthly allowance, along with several other initiatives in the 2021 Budget, have helped them in not only surviving the tough times, but also in remaining self-sufficient through various employment opportunities.

Aside from financial aid, the government is also providing employment opportunities through the Hiring and Training Incentive of PenjanaKerjaya 1.0. For the disabled, this is an opportunity for them to feel empowered and be financially independent to chart their own future and wellbeing.

InitiativeFactsAllocation / Beneficiary Amount
Recruitment Incentives and Training Assistance
(PenjanaKerjaya 1.0)
Resource Allocation: Penjana DashboardRM 1.5 billion
Distributed (as of April 30, 2021)

Source :
Penjana Dashboard
RM 541 million
Recipients (as of April 9, 2021)

Source: LAKSANA Report
132,403 people have gotten jobs under this incentive since its launch in August

Number of Employees by Category

Source: Laksana Report ke-52

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